Gain Followers! all pictures are my own.

all pictures are my own.

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What are your top 5 favourite songs?!

Oh gosh, I love too many songs to only name 5. Albums that I have been playing all the way through lately though are:
Paramore (Self Titled)
Lorde (Pure Heroine)
The 1975 (Self Titled)
Love every song on those albums!

same! haha enjoy the sun. I really can't wait for the summer. Winter was cruel

omg I know right, I wanna move to a beach. Where do you live?

Follow back?

of course (:

Damn. You are beautiful.

Awh, thank you <333

hiii you asked to message you. lets say what is your fav thing to do in the summer

Stay outside and enjoy the sun. Swim. Sports, Take pictures. Surf. Hang out with friends. Anything that lets me enjoy the weather! What do you like to do?

Message me. Let’s be friends. Ask weird questions.